Thursday, 25 February 2010

monster murali

Aaju's inner monster manifests itself on her shoulder.

Meet murali. He's the newest monster in the house.
His inability to close his mouth and severe dental problems have left a permanent expression of trauma on his face.


bharat said...

i love this. haha. nice.

aajwanthi said...

haha..I love the permanent expression of trauma! Lol..and his name of inner monster ..sigh :)

urmila said...

:) and what a sweet monster he is. you ought to buy him some dentures :P

Blue~Flame said...

I award you a 'sunshine award'!!
Get it from my blog!

devashish guruji said...

I love him! and i want one.
placing an order for a traumatised monster

urmila said...

i'll make them in mass and hand them out as a goodbye grad gift!