Saturday, 27 August 2011

cookies are meant for seeing

After the long spell of collecting cobwebs that my blog has been forced to endure i've decided to start with something sweet. And edible.
I'd been doodling and eating an awful lot lately so i struck inspiration one day and decided to combine the two into one pastime.
The following (with generous help from my mum in the baking process) is what resulted.

The type cookies are with the help of typogeek Kalapi (by 'help of' i mean i started making a few letters, gave up half way and let him convert the wrecks into pretty type)
We then had a complete ball icing the cookies and messing up my table. 

After several hours of applying and eating colourful icing though i couldnt look at my finished cookies in the eye let alone eat them so they were duly munched up by my brother. :(