Thursday, 29 September 2011


This is how i garba.

postcard 10: home

There is something extraordinary about the beach. It's so calming. No matter how sad, angry, unhappy i feel, a quiet hour at the beach with the salty sea breeze and the sand between my toes make me feel at peace.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I was flipping through my log recently and found a forgotten doodle. I really ought to have put this up a very long time ago! 
For Easter last year my friend Vishnu gave some of us the most delicious chocolate bunnies to eat. Over the next few weeks our fridge was littered with headless, butt-less and various other parts-less bunnies. I figured their conversation in the recesses of my fridge went something like this.

This is what the actual chocolate bunny looked like.
You can see the bunny Aaju received, here.

postcard 9: metamorphosis complete

Finishing off what i started!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

postcard 8: *cough

Asthama problems. Several month's worth of dust accumulated around the junk lying in my room finally got to me. 
My lungs were complaining. :(

stamp tramp

stampFor as long as i can remember i've loved rubber stamps. When i was a kid i would steal my dad's office stamps and ink pad and stamp them all over my books (and an occasional wall).
Recently, (joy oh joy!) Kalapi made me one as a gift. 
It is awesome.
(Most available surfaces in my room are now stamped with my name.)

postcard 7: filters

I bought my Gujarati friend (and myself) a set of lovely tamil stainless-steel coffee filters. 
I even got his initials inscribed on it. 
He seemed pretty pleased with my gift! :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

postcard 5: de-moustaching

There is a woman in chennai whose hands are like magic with those nerve-wrecking parlour-processes. So when i know there's a visit coming up i let my moustache build to record breaking lengths in the comfortable knowledge that she's going to make me look beautiful again.  

a hop, skip and jump

I've always wanted long hair to play with.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

postcard 2: library madness

If Baroda has one flaw, it's the lack of a good library. Which is why i broke into a spontaneous jig of joy and skipped around like a lunatic in my chennai library (stunning the other innocent and rather apprehensive customers).
The librarian didn't even blink though. He's gotten used to it.
*sigh. Books are delicious!

postcard 1: the heat was hot

Recently, i got the chance to spend a few days in my hometown, Chennai. 
Chennai is hot, humid, eternally muggy and my favourite city in the world! However, after my family moved away, opportunities to visit have become precious and far between. :(
While i was there this time, i decided to document my trip by creating, at the end of each day, a postcard of the event that stuck out most in my mind.
I am now left with 10 postcards summing up my trip (that i shall now put up in order received).

The heat in Chennai was very hot. :I