Monday, 22 February 2010

pages from yet another log

zoom into the second page. Batman's hanging in there for his dear life :)


Blue~Flame said...

You must be Shwetu's friend.
Needless to say, thine blog is awesome.
I'm quite correctly speechless and ashamed by my lack of creativity.

I like 'Is it Lunchtime Yet' a lot.

~ Suchi

urmila said...

thanks :)
I always appreciate compliments :D
If you mean Shweta Ramdas, yup, I'm her friend from school.
How do you know her?

gynelwazlib said...

Oh, we were in school(11th 12th)together in bbay.apejjay.stayed in touch(and by that i mean we speak bloody every day). and i'd heard from her about fact even seen a pic(red top?)..
anyway, awesome work.i forced a couple of my friends to drop in here, and they loved it too.

urmila said...

i havn't spoken to her in ages!
i'm really bad at keeping in touch. :(
i send her mails sporadically but she seems to be as bad at me in replying.
and thanks again :)

sadhvi said...

i really like these log pages of yours :) I think you can make a great graphic novel in this style :) there is potential in this :P

Saakshita Prabhakar said...

i really like the pages...very graphic

urmila said...

thanks you guys :)