Thursday, 4 March 2010

lights will guide you home

Feels like i haven't put anything up on my blog for ages!
The impossible has happened. Not only have i started this damn blog, i've also gotten addicted to it. :(
Various possibilities for illustrations have been making jelabi patterns in my head for some time now but i simply haven't had the time to draw anything. However out of desperation to put something or the other up, here are some photos i took recently for a photo essay assignment in college.
I travelled to the city, alone, in the middle of the night to take these. To put it mildly it was a pretty eventful night. Me, my tripod and camera almost got run over, blown away, picked up, molested and arrested.

:) Needless to say, i had loads of fun!


aniruddh dube said...

i like the third photo.
i saw it and it looked to me like the face of a rajasthani monster, with two glowing eyes and a seriously colorful big moustache.
the mouth seemed little hidden, but going 'aaaaa' in an intimidating sorta way.

i like the third photo. :)

urmila said...

thanks :)
are you tripping on something though?
rajasthani monster?? :P