Tuesday, 29 June 2010

say cheese!

Its a pretty late post but this was strawberry cheesecake me and my friend divya made in Baroda for a dinner we were going to have with our friend Kalapi.
Unfortunately, Kalapi got conjunctivitis at the last minute and could'nt make it to dinner. And divya being divya never came home to eat it! I hogged most of it and saved the last slice for the two :)
You can get the recipie from my mum' blog - http://chittiskitchen.blogspot.com/
It's absurdly easy to make!
These are only two slices of the whole cake :) 

The cheesecake itself took barely any time to make. Once we were done, divya and i stuffed ourselves. We combined some biscuit base from a previous endeavour with coffee icecream and chocolate chips and sauce. 
Simple but delicious!

We washed our impromptu dessert with some pizza and lemonade. 
It was a fun day amidst all the diploma headache! :)

when work fails...

My mind was too cluttered to work so i tried to take some time off to experiment in the kitchen. Made a few tart bases. I kind of lost interest after that so i just topped it off with an enormous scoop of mocha ice cream and sauce. 
It tasted lovely despite the lazy improvisation. The crisp base complimented the cold ice cream beautifully.
It was definitely more fun than working!