Thursday, 11 February 2010

sometime in 70

I was wasting time going through folders on my computer when i found this. Its a (slightly unflattering) caricature of me and my roommate from first year of college made by a friend.
The room along with the house we lived in has now been broken down. Most of the photos i had of us together in that room were lost along with my first laptop. This post-it was supposed to be in the safe care of my roommate but it had gotten lost like so much else. This is the only evidence remaining that those times existed at all...


aniruddh dube said...

friends always try to bring out the best in you.
im sure here the friend tried to bring out the best out of you.

urmila said...

Thanks for drawing it btw andy :) (i know u were waiting for it). i just realised that i dont have that skirt either :(
i'll put up the ribbon pic next ;)