Friday, 28 May 2010

just dessert

I've been trying to illustrate for quite a few days now but somehow i cant bring myself to sit down and do it. I finally decided that maybe i was trying the wrong craft. i decided to cook instead
Since all i seem to be doing these days is eat, i made some chocolate cake with some really sinful truffle icing to help matter along. 
I of course got liberal help from my mum, the expert, who probably would not have trusted me alone in the kitchen even if i wanted her to go!

my mum, using the rare opportunity of having someone else cook for her, and having a good go at the cake.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I know i know. Its been forever since i posted anything. In my defence, i have been preoccupied, first with my pre-diploma, then my feet's rendezvous with glass and finally with finding excuses for why i've been sitting around on my bum and not doing anything. 
Now that the inactivity on my blog has gotten to me i have decided to put up my so called excuse for not doing anything.
I hope you have a strong stomach. It's not pretty :(

the morning after :(

 after two weeks of healing