Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Singing isn't for everyone.
I tried singing today... It didnt work out too well.

Take a deep breath

The bubble don creates bubble minions in his bubble underworld.

Garden state

Plant life is on the bloom round-bout my house.
It's always welcome until a creepy-crawly-jumpy finds its way into your bed.

The Profound intro to me

This blog is i-don't-know-how-many weeks old.
All I have managed to post within this period of time is "erm... hi?"
This is because i am what you would call stuck. I have been typing one-off sentences into my text edit application every other day but i haven’t really come up with that ground-breaking, soul defining and deeply insightful paragraph i was hoping to start off with.
Finally, today, i closed my text edit application without saving it (by mistake) and after moaning and sulking at the several week's worth of soul-defining lost, i decided to just go ahead and post something.
This is a happy little introduction of me, the owner of this path- breaking blog.
That is me in the right corner of the page.
THAT, in the picture is the latest addition to metal in my body (my nosepin). I absolutely LOVE the nosepin. Except when it hurts.

To be honest, i'm a very simple person. I have only two primary states of mind, spazz and sulky.
My current state of mind is unhappy-sulking. During this phase i tend to repeat, "i want to go home"' and "i want my amma" an awful lot. I also binge on puchka.
Right now i look like this:

I am thus going to end this post and visit my phuchka man.
Before i go i must add one last, vital fact.
A LOT of people might comment and say things like "the blog title is sO apt!" and "OMG! You talk sO much rubbish!" or "Urmesh mann, your such a chatterbox!”
Don't listen to them. It’s not true.
However if they say something like, "WOW, you're SO cool!" or "You are my GOD", you can go right ahead and believe them.
(Please bear in mind that this was written at 4:30 in the morning in a relatively abnormal state of mind)