Thursday, 4 March 2010

Yakkity yak

AHA!!! I knew i MUST have something to post!
I made this recently as a header to put on top of the blog. I simply hated it as soon as i put it up :(

Im in the process of thinking of another one but till then i might as well put up my attempt!


Blue~Flame said...


Aajwanthi said...

Why not! I like it! Its nice wonly men. Puteet up! Till you make your new one :P

Shweta said...

Put up a self-portrait no. Nothing else would fit 'Constant Chatter' quite as perfectly I say.

urmila said...

it looks gah :( when it the header. only looks nice otherwise

:P im not that self-obsessed also! and that sketch girl IS supposed to be me :l