Friday, 16 November 2012

faces project

As part of the same assignment we also had to create one single face/ portrait in A1. 
As you may notice, i added a bottle of Old Monk rum in the corner. 
Ahhhhh.. old monk... 
A close-up or two:
And finally, for a better idea of size, here i am with my man (so to speak). 


jahid said...

Wow! I was quite a old monk fan during my college days :)

Aajwanthi said...

Haha. You drunkard! Really cool face though :) You hand painted the whole thing? Must have taken a while no? Looks really cool though!

Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

Super fun illustrations, am in love with a few of them especially the gree-saree-wali on your right margin!
Inviting you to check out a art journal link party I host on my blog Pls visit for this week's prompt. Would great if we can create a circle of passionate artists (Indian and others) for frequent creative discussions.