Monday, 6 August 2012

woodcut prints

I'm finished with the woodcut prints! It's quite a workout to make woodcuts (my arms are definitely more muscle-y) but lots of fun! 
I made loads of prints of the woodcut in variations of two color schemes plus a couple of experiments. I still don't have a scanner so the images are not very good, but here they are!

And finally, here's an image of the what the woodblock looked like at the end and a print of my last layer.


Shreyas said...

This is so cool. And so fun.
Shite, where are you doing these?


urmila said...

I actually did these in August but I'm only getting around to putting them up now. :P
I did them in Baroda with a printmaking studio called Chhaap.
They are so much fun to do! I'm obsessed with printmaking now.

Shreyas said...

I know! It looks like insane fun. I wish Bangalore had printmaking studios...or maybe I need to find them.

urmila said...

hmm... I don't know of any, but there HAVE to be some. It's Bangalore!